martes, 8 de noviembre de 2011

Primeras estrofas de 'Up All Night'

1. What Makes You Beautiful.
2. Gotta Be You

3. One Thing
One Thing. So get up, get up. Get out of my head. We're falling too much, but standing. I don't I don't know what it is, but I need that one thing. And you've got that one thing. And you've got that one thing. Now, I'm pounding the walls, but you don't notice.

4. Save You Tonight.
I - I wanna save you. Wanna save your heart tonight. He'll only break you. Leave me falling apart. I can be your superman. Before you know I'm a super human. I - I want save you . Save you. Save you tonight.

5. Stole My Heart.
I know tonight's the night. Turn around, stole my heart, just one look. And it's all I need. (??) Fell in love, just another minute girl. Steal my heart tonight. Just one look, we both know it's you. I'm weaker, my words slur.

6. More Than This.
When he opens his arms and holds you close tonight. just won't feel right. Cause I can love you more than this. Yeah, when he lays you down on his chest. It just doesn't feel right. Cause I can love you more than this. Can love you more than this.

7. Up All Night.
Don't let it go. Cause we got the floor now. We're out of control. I wanna stay up all night. Do it all again. Up All Night, like this. Up All Night. Hey. Up All Night, like this. Up All Night, hey. Up All Night. Don't even care about the table breaking. We only wanna have a laugh. I'm only thinking bout-

8. I Wish
You with him slow dancing. Tearing me apart cause you don't see. Whenever you kiss him, I'm breaking. Oh, I wish that was me.

9. Tell Me A Lie.
You want my kiss. But, you need your distance. Tell me that what you thing but don't say is what you're missing. He's the reason that you're leaving me tonight. Tell me what you think and tell me a lie. Well, you're the charming type. that little twinkle.

10. Taken.
You only love to see me breaking. You only want me cause I'm taken. You don't really want my heart. No, you just like to know you can. Still be the one who gets it breaking, you only want my -

11. I Want.

You. You've got everything you need but you want accesories. Got to hold it in your hand. If I changed the world for you. I bet you wouldn't have a clue. Don't you know that I can't stand when girls say I want, I want, I want. the best things. I want, I want, I want that's not me. I want, I want, I wan to be.

12. Everything About You.
Kiss on me, everything about you. You, you the way you're making me move. Like Everybody, no It's just us two. And there's nothing I could not point to. It's everything about you, you, you. everything that you do, do , do. It's everything.

13. Mistakes.
wait, wait, wait. for the end to change. I been take, take, taken for granted. I won't be the same, but we making all the same mistakes. Wake up, wake up. we both need to wake up, maybe if we face up to this.

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